2013 - The Year of Made in Pittsburgh

2013 had many highlights, but here at The Copacetic Comics Company the single most significant trend by far was that for the first time in Copacetic history, the majority of the year’s best selling works were made right here in town.  In fact, a whopping seven out of the top ten best selling graphic novels (in a loose, format & price based sense) were Made in Pittsburgh!  

HHFT   pompeii   

Here’s the list:

 *(MiP) = Made in Pittsburgh

1) Hip Hop Family Tree, Volume One by Ed Piskor  *(MiP)

2) Pompeii by Frank Santoro  *(MiP)

3) Very Casual by Michael DeForge

4) The Ship of Soiled Doves by Nils Balls  *(MiP)

5) Final Frontier by Tom Scioli  *(MiP)

6) Memory (anthology) edited by Jeremy Baum  *(MiP)

7) Heathen by Jeremy Baum  *(MiP)

8) Love and Rockets: New Stories #6 by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez

9) Made Fun by Nate McDonough  *(MiP)

10) New School by Dash Shaw

11 - 15) The Blonde Woman by Aidan Koch,  Strange Tale of Panorama Island by Suehiro Maruo, Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life by Ulli Lust, Hand-Drying in America by Ben Katchor & Sunny, Volume One by Taiyao Matsumoto

Then in the comics category, Made in Pittsburgh made another strong showing here at Copacetic Comics Company (as does St. Louis, with four in the top ten!).


1) Supermag by Jim Rugg  *(MiP)

2) Pittsburgh Port Authority Comix by Paulette Poullet, Nate McDonough & Nils Balls  *(MiP)

3) 3 New Stories by Dash Shaw

4) Capacity #8 by Theo Ellsworth

5) Redbird #2 by Dan Zettwoch

6) The Half Men by Kevin Huizenga

7) Sky in Stereo #2 by Mardou

8) Cut-Away Comics #1 by Dan Zettwoch

9) New Jobs by Dash Shaw

10) Copra #2 by Michel FIffe


And, finally, in the publications about comics, there was no competition:  Comics Workbook Magazine #1  edited by Frank Santoro, Andrew White & Zach Mason  *(MiP)  outsold the next best selling publication about comics by over 10-to-1! 

So, it’s official:  2013 was the year of Made-in-Pittsburgh!

Here’s hoping the trend continues in 2014…

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